patrick102977 says: Aug 18, 2015 4:04 PM

i cant see how the NFL doesnt win this ….. for a Judge to step in and overrule a collectively bargained issue between 2 parties would be HUGE … i just cant see how 4 games would be extreme and i cant see how the process was unfair… if Goodell feels Brady lied or obstructed he has full power to suspend him and 4 games is not anything thats extreme for such a thing… and obviously Goodell feels he was lied to and Brady obstructed if Judge rules against NFL this will set up a fed court for every suspension going forward… there is no physical evidence Hardy pushed the girl on the bed therefore he should sue too.will resort back to the judicial system for all suspensions if Goodell cant suspend on his own feelings or findings …. would in essence deem his position useless as integrity of the game is the mans main job as commish”

Patrick (and all you pseudo-lawyers who believe the CBA is be-all and end-all here), turns out that’s not true for multiple reasons. CBA powers or not, Goodell can’t punish someone for something they didn’t do – that THAT is within purveyance of the courts – and THAT is why Berman was asking so many pointed questions of the NFL lawyers last Wed. In addition, there are real questions as to whether what Brady was punished for (note I didn’t say “did”) is something actually covered in the CBA – this is an issue between the NFL and it’s TEAMS (NOT the players), and is NOT covered by the CBA. For legal discussions please read this webpage – it was put up by a recently retired federal litigator who was also special legal council to three MLB commissioners. It’s the real deal folks.